About me

I am a sumi-e ink painter. Sumi-e or suibokuga painting represents Japanese school of ink painting. Suibokuga is a traditional monochromatic Japanese painting, which belongs to a larger group called Yamato-e (which term is used mostly to describe Japanese painting in general).

A member of International Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting Art Society ICCPS Tokyo, Japan (Head Office). I participate in european and international art exhibitions. My works appeared in countries such as France, USA, China, Japan. As a member of International Chinese Calligraphy & Ink Painting Art Society (ICCPS) I have multiple chances to participate in various international events.

I am an ink painting teacher

I am often invited to organise seminars, lectures and live performances during which various techniques are shown, and knowledge regarding the history of the art of ink painting is passed. See coming events here.

So called “dry brush technique” martial art painter

My paintings are officially recognized by the connoisseurs of Japanese ink paining and the international martial arts community. Many of my painting can be found in private collections as famous martial arts Masters as Shihan Sylvain Guintard; see 9 Dragons scroll article, Raúl Gutiérrez, Larry Tatum (we are working out common project for the future).

An artist and illustrator

I often cooperates with related publishing houses and book authors, as well as international magazine in Europe and United States. Being an admirer of the Japanese art and design, my paintings follow the traditional school of ink painting, and I use only traditional tools to create my art.

I am a co-creator of Ink Treasures project

Ink Treasures is an artistic project co-created by me and Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙), a Japanese calligrapher and writer. Through Ink Treasures pages we present the two sister arts, the art of Chinese and Japanese ink painting and calligraphy. It is very difficult to find a good source of information on calligraphy or ink painting in English, but to have such information available on one website, is even rarer. Although the project is in process, there are lot of interesting articles on the history and philosophy of the Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy and Ink Painting. Articles on the pholosophy and history of Chinese and Japanese ink painting of my authorship here.

Since April 2014 a member of Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

Tokyo Art Museum

One of my painting, that was made into a scroll by scroll maker Jonathan Maples was accepted in the 57th Annual Hyousou Sakuhin Exhibit at the Tokyo Art Museum in Ueno Kouen. 第57回表装作品展 東京都美術館. The exhibit will run from June 21 to June 26 2014.

Contact: mariuszszmerdt@sumi-e.pl